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At EduPlanIt Consulting we have worked with diverse clients ranging from high school students to college graduates. Our clients come from various backgrounds and have unique aspirations. We help them navigate post-secondary path options and formulate a plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.  What our clients are saying:

High School Students

EPIC is the only way to describe my experience. Not only did they help me narrow down my post-secondary options, but they also gave me invaluable feedback about my scholarship applications.  I cannot put into words how grateful my family and I are for the many ways that their advice helped me. Thank you so much for everything. I would highly recommend other teens to work with you.

My dad learned about EPIC from a friend. Initially, I was not convinced that I needed their help, but I am extremely grateful that I decided to take it. I have gained a better understanding of myself and the various programs that I can pursue after completing high school. Additionally, I now recognize the significance of putting careful thought into my supplementary applications for the programs that I am interested in, as well as the importance of engaging in activities that will make me a well-rounded student. 

I thought that I knew what program I wanted to take in university, but  I wasn't enjoying the courses I had to take in high school to get into that program. Epic helped me find a program at a school that I never knew existed. Now, I am really excited about graduating and going to school in September. 

I was unsure about which program to study at university. However, the people who assisted me in the process found many interesting programs, which gave me many choices to consider. Initially, I thought that choosing the right program would be the hardest part, but then I had to fill out a lot of supplemental applications. I was quite confused about where to start with those, but thankfully, the people who were helping me with the process were always kind and supportive. I really appreciated their guidance and encouragement throughout the whole process.

Post Secondary School Students

EduPlanIt provided me with the guidance and support I needed to make an informed decision about my future. Their team helped me explore various post-secondary options and formulate a plan that is aligned with my goals. I am now pursuing my dream career and couldn't have done it without their help.

EPIC has been an amazing support in my journey of returning to school as a mature student. With their guidance and assistance, I was able to navigate the application process with confidence and ease. Thanks to their help, I am now eagerly looking forward to starting school in September

Working with EduPlanIt was a game-changer for me. Their team helped me identify my strengths and interests and guided me towards a career path that I am truly passionate about. I feel confident and excited about my future thanks to EduPlanIt.

They provided me with a lot of useful information about potential career paths and also showed me how to access it on my own so I could do my own research. They also provided me with websites which I found were really helpful and showed what I can do with my degree once I graduate.

Parent Reviews

High school has changed so much since I went to school. Each session was so informative. After going to EPIC, I have learned about so many new programs that I will definitely be encouraging my younger children to get involved in. As well, I learned a lot about the different types of programs that aren't just offered at universities. There are some fantastic college programs where students can earn degrees. I know that I went there to help my son decide what to do after high school, but it proved to be an educational experience for me too.

Even when your child has a clear vision of their aspirations for the future, the choices about programs, post-secondary institutions not to mention whether to stay close to home or study away, together with all the implications of these choices can be quite daunting. But when your child is uncertain, or struggling academically, the process can be overwhelming.
EduPlanIt consultants provide an invaluable service in helping to identify your child’s areas of interest and mapping out pathways, which are not always the traditional roads. In addition to the counselling they provide, they offer something very valuable: information which transcends that which a high school guidance counsellor (or existing tools such as MyBlueprint) can offer. EduPlanIt consultants have an approach which begins with identifying the work styles and environments your child is most likely to thrive in and then leveraging that knowledge into complimentary areas of study and eventual career, charting a pathway to achieve those goals.

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